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Top celebrity gamblers you should know about!

What celebrity gamblers do you know? Is someone inspiring you? Here is a list of some of the most famous celebrity gamblers who have made history throughout the time. Do you know more? Drop us a line…

There are many stories out there with celebrity gamblers who spend their nights at the poker table. However, just some really hit the news. Some spend the money recklessly while others just have fun while winning. Either way, you take it, let’s study some of the celebrity gamblers of Hollywood.

Remember: What’s utterly important – Play poker responsibly and enjoy it!

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Celebrity gamblers everyone is talking about

Whatever the reason that pushed these celebrities to become notorious gamblers, either boredom, pride or fun, check out some striking facts!

Michael Jordan

It was rumored that his retirement from the sport was because of gambling. Was his success so overwhelming? As we always say – you should play responsibly, but always do what you love the most. Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players, but he also invested a lot of income in his passion for poker.

Matt Damon

I bet the Rounder’s Movie sounds familiar to you. Well, guess what, it is thought that Matt spent $25,000 playing poker to get ready for this movie. Passion, pleasure or entertainment?

Tiger Woods

Another poker enthusiast is Tiger Woods, who has a lot of fun when gambling. He likes it so much that he doesn’t mind spending as much as $25,000/night when going out in Vegas. What he likes the most – Blackjack. Unfortunately, studies show he is not that good at playing it; he usually overspends.

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