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Improving at Poker: What Commodity is Scarce for You?

It used to be that good information about poker was scarce. Indeed, it’s easy to forget that one source of the popularity of Doyle Brunson’s Super/System was the fact that for many years it contained some of the only widely available information about no-limit hold’em.

These days, learning poker is more like learning other subjects for which information is readily available. For example, say you wanted to learn calculus. If you have the means to read this article, you can access any number of tutorials and books on that subject. Very likely, you live in an area where tutors and classes are available as well.

In other words, these days learning poker is, more than ever, an exercise in navigating what’s out there rather than finding scarce information. Many students find this to be a confusing process. Here I’ll present things the way I present them to students who don’t know where to turn — perhaps you are also in their situation.

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