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Is Mind Control in Poker Possible? Yes, It Is

Last week I binge-watched the Netflix series Jessica Jones set in the Marvel comic-book universe. The title character is a private investigator in Hell’s Kitchen who just happens to have phenomenal strength (and a really bad temperament).

The villain throughout the first season’s story arc is a man known only as Kilgrave. His superpower is his ability to control completely other people’s actions just by telling them what to do.

In Episode 6, we learn at least one of the ways that Kilgrave gets money to fund his evil plots — poker. He goes to a high-stakes underground game, where they appear to be playing hold’em. After two down cards are dealt all around, he tells the other players, “Let’s have everybody go all in.” They are unable to resist his command.

He asks the dealer how much is in the pot. A little over a million dollars, she says. Kilgrave says that’s enough for what he plans to do.

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