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Poker Winning Tips

Winning online poker is not easy. It’s a challenge and you’ll find it harder than you thought. Sometimes it’s so hard, that you just need a helping hand. We’ve compiled a list of the most useful poker winning tips to help you improve your poker strategy and therefore, your poker game too. These 10 online poker winning tips will not guarantee you a win, but they will serve as a checklist that you may come to rely on.

Master Online Poker with our Poker Winning Tips

1. Don’t play every hand

Most beginner players play far too many starting hands. Professional players typically play between 20-30% of their starting hands. It’s better to concentrate on higher value starting hands and help remove the luck element of the game. This is the most simple and valuable poker winning tip.

2. Knowing to fold or hold onto your cards

The most important and useful tip is learning how to fold a hand. Do not be a fisherman, i.e. making a call, thinking you are going to get what you want. Many beginners keep betting regardless of the board or what their opponent’s actions are suggesting. Professionals believe that folding the hands you can’t play is the most profitable strategy.

3. Choose a playing level where you feel comfortable

Don’t bet beyond your league. It should be obvious, but you need to be at betting limits where you’re on a level playing field with the competition.
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