How to Spot False Online Casino Reviews

Because of the sudden popularity of online casinos today, there are plenty of review sites that doing online casino reviews nowadays. Unluckily, not all of them are authentic and legit sites. And most of them won’t give you honest feedback since some of them are paid.

Besides, you should be aware that things are happening from behind the scenes, and away from the naked eyes of an average online player which can affect some reviews you have seen. If you depend on your decision in a particular review site to lead you in the correct path, then you must learn how to tell an honest review from fraud trying to steal some cash from you.

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Competition in this kind of industry is currently on fire. Online casinos and betting sites are competing with each other to attract potential players. One of these is to have excellent and positive reviews from different review sites. If a particular online casino has lots of mentioned in various online casino review sites, it’ll become the primary source of traffics.

When an online casino has this massive amount of traffics, it’ll create a better exposure all over the internet. Most people tend to click the first thing that appeared on the search engine. So, to rank number one among other competition, this review request lead to bribery in exchange for a useful review.

As far as review sites are concerned, there still honest reviewer that can provide transparent feedback, including ole777 review. Most of these sites are typically run by honest people who love what they do and genuinely want to help their co-players. But other sites also exist to make a profit from it.

Things to Watch Out To Spot False Online Casino Reviews

Below are the following valuable details to help you identify a fake online casino review:

  1. All Contents/Reviews are Good

The most obvious indicator that a review site is a fraud is that all of their reviews on different platforms are positive. Though personal opinion may vary, with all the casinos available on the internet today, it’s impossible not to find at least one disadvantages on the firm.

When all the reviews you see on specific sites are positive, then there’s a possibility that the site owner doesn’t care about you as long as they can gain profit from it.

  1. Review Texts Are Excerpt from The Actual Casino Site

 Remember, when the reviews are barely few, or if they don’t include the actual text, then it’s a red flag. It’s pretty common to excerpt some lines or phrases from the real site to represent the feature of the online casino. However, if they just copied it, add a five-star rating, without adding a personal opinion, then again, that site is only for commission.